Lolo Pets Classic is a line of specially developed delicacies for dogs that cares about the hygiene of teeth and their condition and well-being.

Lolo Pets Classic offers tasty dog cookies with a specially selected recipe. Wheat and easy-to-digest biscuits, based only on natural ingredients, are the perfect complement to the daily diet of dogs. The appropriate hardness of cookies plays a significant role in the care of the healthy state of the gums and teeth of four-legged pets. While biting cookies, the bacterial plate is mechanically removed, thereby reducing the formation of tartar and refreshing the breath. Incorrect oral hygiene of dogs can lead to many diseases including liver, kidney or even heart disease. Dental diseases are very painful and make animals feel bad, which can be reflected in their daily behavior. Tooth loss in dogs often means that you have to switch to a special diet based on softer foods, which often means that you can’t give your dog favorite foods. In addition to maintaining strong and healthy teeth biting cookies makes the dogs pleasure and positively affects their psyche and well-being.

Lolo Pets Classic cookies are also ideally suited as a reward after the correct implementation of the task we set for a dog. Perfect during dog training. Nothing motivates you to continue to act as a proper, tasty prize!

Lolo Pets Classic are available in many flavors, ranging from peppermint to vegetable, chocolate, banana and vanilla as well as available in a mix of flavors. Cookies are offered in the shape of bones of various sizes (Mini, S, M, L), so that you can adjust their size to the dog breed. The form of animal shapes is also available. The cakes are packaged in aesthetic packaging of various types and in different weights, providing a tight seal to ensure the freshness of the cakes after they have been opened for the first time.

Among the bakery products, Lolo Pets Classic also offers unique on the market ready-made cakes for dogs, which are a perfect gift for a four-legged pet on the occasion of birthdays, holidays or showing their sympathy without any occasion, simply for being with us every day. Each of the bone-shaped cakes has hand-made decorations. Cakes are available in four flavors preferred by dogs: meat – vegetable, nut – chocolate, apple and forest fruit.

A novelty introduced to the offer are mini cakes available in two flavors (nutty-chocolate and forest fruits). Small cakes are designed mainly for all small dog breeds.

Giving the dogs cookies and cakes not only give them pleasure of taste and we show affection and sympathy, but it is also a method to keep them in good shape and health.