Biscuits, ACTIVE


ACTIVE Dog Biscuits are designed to meet this need. Cricket flour, added to our biscuits, is a rich source of high-quality protein containing all essential amino acids. Protein is crucial for maintaining healthy muscle mass, especially for active dogs. Our biscuits also provide essential nutrients that support bone and joint health, which is particularly important for dogs with an active lifestyle. With a unique combination of nutrients and delicious taste, these treats will become your pet’s favorite part of their diet.

Regularly giving ACTIVE biscuits will help your dog maintain healthy muscle mass and support bone and joint health. Your dog will be full of energy, ready for daily adventures and play. By supporting bone and joint health, they can enjoy activity without limitations. Your dog deserves the best. ACTIVE Dog Biscuits are the perfect support for their health and activity. Give your pet a tasty and healthy treat that provides energy and supports their health.