Biscuits, IMMUNE


IMMUNE Dog Biscuits are designed to boost your pet’s natural immunity with specially selected ingredients. They contain black currant, rich in natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals and protect your dog’s cells from damage. Additionally, the inulin present in the biscuits acts as a prebiotic, supporting a healthy gut flora, which is crucial for overall health and strong immunity.

IMMUNE Dog Biscuits are carefully crafted to provide both health benefits and excellent taste that your dog will love. We use only the highest quality ingredients to deliver a product that is both tasty and beneficial for your pet’s health. Regularly giving IMMUNE biscuits will help strengthen your dog’s natural immunity, supporting their health daily. Healthy skin, a shiny coat, and a strong immune system are the effects you’ll notice and appreciate. Give your dog a healthy and delicious treat that will help them enjoy life to the fullest.